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Cosmetic surgery in Thailand was, believe it or not, not that popular until the beginning of the early 90’s.  As technology advanced more and more countries were able to take advantage of offering cosmetic surgery to its clients due to the fact that the technology itself was more affordable.  The early cosmetic surgery machines were very expensive and some were prohibitively so which meant that, for a while, cosmetic surgery Thailand remained in its infancy or was something only the ultra rich could even think about.

But, as with everything, as technology got better and better, and smaller and smaller and faster and faster it meant that cosmetic surgery became available to the mainstream and was not used solely for medical purposes such as reconstructive surgery.  During this time Thailand was enjoying a technological boom thanks to the advancements in computers and such and this lead to cosmetic surgery becoming more affordable also due to the machinery involved being more affordable.  But, as always, cosmetic surgery in Thailand is a serious business and is not to be toyed with.  That is why all clinics that deal with cosmetic surgery and are in Thailand must be fully accredited and their staff fully trained and regularly checked and their skillsets updated as they learn about current trends in the market or new procedures or technology.

Many cosmetic surgery companies in Thailand take great pride in being able to pilot and provide the latest cosmetic surgery advancements from the USA to their patients.  This leads to Thailand being at the forefront of cosmetic surgery instead of lagging behind, as most of the western world seems to think is the case.  This means that the west is not the leader any longer and this has lead to a surge in medical tourism to places such as Thailand where cosmetic surgery is just more affordable than it would be going private in other countries.  Furthermore in the majority of countries, unless for medical reasons, medical insurers will not cover the operation and so this is also another benefit to travelling abroad to have the same procedure carried out.

If medical insurers started to cover cosmetic surgery procedures then it would mean that it would be easier for everyone to get the surgery that they need.  However many medical insurers do not class cosmetic surgery as a necessity and so that is why it is not covered as it is not curing an ailment or sickness of sorts and the cost of many procedures, if covered by insurance are also staggeringly high meaning that most people either are forced to forget it or they travel to places such as Thailand where cosmetic surgery is more affordable and still provides the same level of service and care as they would have received in their own country had their own insurers been able to cover them.  Until medical insurers start to see cosmetic surgery as something that can be considered a necessity places like Thailand and the cosmetic surgery field in Thailand can only grow from strength from strength, which means that when insurers suddenly change their mind it may be a case of too little too late.

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