Liposuction in Thailand: Types of Liposuction

Trying to achieve an impeccable body can be frustrating. Even with a proper diet and exercise, fats in the body can take a while to disappear. You might consider liposuction Thailand as a solution to that perfect body and that which will boost your confidence levels.
In Thailand, liposuction has been one of the most preferred cosmetic procedure due to the fact that it produces perfect results, its low risk, and has a faster recovery time. More women than men are going for this procedure.
Doctors do not consider liposuction as a substitute for a healthy diet or exercise, but as a procedure that can bring good results within a short period of time.
The different types of Liposuction Bangkok, Thailand use a very thin tube connected to a small vacuum machine. It then suctions the unwanted fat from your body.
This procedure is carried out at the doctor’s room and you are allowed to go home the same day. It is important to have a discussion with your doctor before the process can begin. You will be told what to expect before and after the procedure.
The types of liposuction procedures available in Thailand are as outline below:
•    Liposuction by use of Saline solution also known as Tumescent
This is a very popular method. Your cosmetic surgeon will insert a mixture of saline liquid, lidocaine, and epinephrine into the fat deposits area. Fat with less blood is sanctioned. It involves minimal pain.
•    Liposuction by use of wave energy generated during Ultrasound
This method will use some wave energy to break apart the walls of the fat cells. This, in turn, will melt the fat to some liquid form which is later suctioned out.
•    Liposuction using Laser technique
A laser beam of light is directed to the fat deposit area. It ruptures the fat cells in the process melting them and later the fat is suctioned.
By removing the fat cells, it doesn’t mean you are free from the risk of gaining more fat. On the contrary, fat cells can build up in other areas of the body. Therefore, it’s important to keep your new shape by exercising, eating more fruits and vegetables, and adhering to a low-fat diet.
One of the renowned plastic surgery clinics in Thailand is the Nida Esth Skin & Cosmetics Surgery Center where patients successfully have all types of cosmetic and plastic surgeries done by expert surgeons in Thailand. Patients from Thailand and many other countries come to this place because they can trust the team of doctors and staff to fulfill their plastic surgery expectations.

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