Important Questions to Ask When Having A Hair Transplant In Thailand

So, you have finally decided you will have a hair transplant procedure, but haven’t figured yet the best surgeon in Thailand to perform the operation. A hair transplant Thailand procedure is a permanent solution to hair loss, more reason you will need to be extremely careful on which doctor or clinic you settle on. The results of a hair transplant in Thailand are usually irreversible and if corrective surgery is done, it may cost you more than the original procedure.  Therefore, it’s important that you do thorough research on the best surgeon to perform the surgery. Be sure to ask your surgeon these questions to gauge their ability to help you fix your hair loss problem.

How long has the doctor been doing Thailand hair transplant surgeries and how often does he do them?

A doctor with experience is way better than one who is just starting out. There are so many doctors out there who are qualified, but they do not have the experience. You do not want to be anyone’s guinea pig. This is a highly involving procedure that you cannot leave to just anyone out here who claims to be a professional.

In addition, check his operation frequency.  A doctor that does it often is ideal than one who does it occasionally.

Where will the doctor carry out the procedure?

Apart from the surgeon, your next worry should be the team that will work with the doctor.  Its advisable to have your procedure in a well-equipped medical facility recognized by the right medical authorities. There should be enough trained and experienced staff.

Do you feel comfortable talking to your doctor?

Listen to your gut feeling and if it doesn’t feel right; it probably isn’t right. Move to the next doctor.

What are the doctor’s credentials?

Since you are looking to know more about your preferred doctor, do not be afraid to ask for his degrees and certifications.  When you know his education background, you are able to tell whether he attended the best institution. If a surgeon is still in training, by all means avoid them.

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